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General Conditions

The services can be refused to anyone anytime for whatsoever reasons.
You should change in order to adapt to the requirements that are technical for networking. You should know that during network transmission, credit card information gets encrypted.
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Information accuracy, completeness and timeliness
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Historical information in the site should be only for your reference
The content is modified in the website any time however, it is the responsibility of the viewers to agree or monitor changes to the website.
Changes to Services and Prices

Without notice, the price of the products can change. The services can be modified or terminated any time without notice.

Products or Services

Products are available and certain products can only available through the site online. The quantity of the products can be limited for those services however the return policy is same for all. The site is true to what they sell on quality, quantity, colour, materials. However, we don’t take the responsibility of the accuracy of the products appearance in your computer or devices. We don’t restrict the sale of our product to any geographical location but we can limit the quantity of the products and services offered.

There is no guarantee for the product quality, services purchased will meet your expectations and the errors in the services can be corrected.

Accuracy of Billing and Account Information

We can reject the order you place or cancel the purchase. This can happen if you order from same customer account, credit cart etc. We will notify the cancellation through email, phone number at the time of order.

For accurate billing you should update and provide the account information of the accurate purchase made by you. You should update your account timely, even your email, credit card number, address and take note of the deadline. If you do this we promise efficient transaction and might contact if need be.

Optional Tools

Third party tools access might be provided by us but we are not held responsible if you use the third party tools. If you use the optional tools, do it at your own risk. New services in future can be added but you must check and agree with the terms of services.

Third Party Links

Some products might have certain material or content which has third party link. The third party link can take you to a third party site. We don’t hold any responsibility or obligation for the third party services, for any damage of the goods purchased. You just read the policies beforehand regarding third party before you make any transaction. You can complain the third party issues to the third party itself.

User Comments, Feedback and other Submissions

We don’t respond to any comment, or give opinion or make claim of the payment under any obligation. You should not use a fake email id or mislead us. You should not abuse or use illegal or obscene means for any service provided by us.

Personal Information

The personal information submitted by the customer is under the care of the privacy policy.